This app contains a bunch of helpful calculators, and it’s been designed for future expansions with more calculators to come.

Finance Calculator:

Bank Financing calculation, (for cars purchase, properties, .. etc )
It helps calculating the monthly payments along with the total bank interest, the remaining amount and the down payment.
You just need to fill the:

-Loan amount
-Down payment value or percentage (if you fill both of the (value and the percentage) then the app will choose the higher value)
-Interest rate or profit
-Loan term (in years)

Commodity Price Evaluator:

For shopping: This app can compare between two packages of the same commodity with different packaging of different amount
The app will give you an instant feedback of which package has more value and the amount of this value.
Let’s say we have Package (A) and Package (B) of Milk powder, then you just need to fill the:
-Package (A), Price then the content in grams, kilograms, liter, ml, numbers, .. etc.
-Package (B), Price then the content in grams, kilograms, liter, ml, numbers, .. etc.
and the app will tell you which one has more value and the amount of this value in (grams, kilograms, liter, ml, numbers, .. etc)

Depreciation Value:

It calculates the depreciation value based on a default value of (20%) or any value of your choice.
you need to fill:
-Select the purchase date
-Add the original purchase price.
-Add the depreciation percentage as per your local guides (Optional)
-If you left the depreciation percentage blank then the app will fill it with the international depreciation value of (20%).

Sale & Tax:

It helps to calculate item prices with taxes and/or sale amounts.
you just need to fill:
-Commodity price
-Sale percentage (Optional)
-Tax percentage (Optional)

Loyalty Cards Storage:

You don’t need to carry all your Loyalty cards in your wallet anymore, just scan the barcode or the QR of your loyalty cards and keep them ready when ever you need them

Shopping Records (Cart):

Shopping is never easier, now whenever you are at the fitting room, you can capture a photo of the cloth you are trying, save it with the shop name, size, price and even scan the barcode card for future reference.

Shopping ID:

If you keep forgetting your shirt or shoes size… like me, then this new feature can save your time by storing your sizes so you can refer to them later, whenever you need them.

Personal Currency Converter:

A custom currency converter without being automatically updated, and without a need for internet connection.
simply get the conversion rate from your own source and add it to the app.