Privacy Policy​

POLARIZE® Privacy Policy was updated on 19 Sep, 2022.

Your privacy is important to us, so we’ve developed a Privacy Policy that covers how we collect, use, disclose, transfer, and store your personal information. We’ve made this document as simple as possible for the normal user to read and understand.

We might ask to access your location, camera, or photo library. The granted access will be used within the app only, and will NOT send any kind of personal data to any web services. All synchronisation between users’ devices is done through the user’s iCloud®  account (on Apple platform only).

On Apple® Platform;

We might collect statistical data anonymously in order to improve our services. We do not use any services that might collect, store and/or link your personal data to your identity.

We use on-device algorithms to collect limited “non-personal” data and transfer them to our processing engine securely via iCloud®.

On Google® Platform;

We do NOT collect any data on Android® devices.


The data we collect from our users are as follows:

  • Each app generates a random Unique Identifier (UID) to identify each user anonymously on our platform, without the need for collecting email addresses or any personal information.
  • The UID is populated and saved on user’s personal iCloud (no data is collected on Android).
  • The collected data is:
    • The UID,
    • number of sessions,
    • the used functions within the app,
    • and the number of records (if applicable).
  • The results of our statistics data will then be saved securely on the iCloud.

POLARIZE, SCHEMA and the developer has no access to any sort of personal data / information stored on your device.

Please familiarise yourself with the privacy policy of Apple® Inc. and Alphabet® Inc.