Slope Calculator

With any two inputs, this App will calculate all ramp information accurately. Available for iOS, macOS & Android.


Calculates the distance of lightning storm from you, based on physics facts.

Equation X

Calculate areas and volumes of the most famous polygons in addition to quadratic and cubic formulas.

Revit Tools

Converts some none compatible (distances & bearings) or [X,Y] / [E,N] systems to a Revit compatible system.

(Open Source)

An advanced structural calculator at your fingertips. This app is just the beginning, we are looking forward to delivering more calculators.​

Finance & Tax

A set of calculators for finance and shopping tools.


This app is specialized to help you manage your working hours.


A freelancer time management tool with invoice generator.
[Communing soon]

DOT Parking & T.G. Calculator

Calculate the Parking and Trip Generation as per the Department Of Transport of Abu Dhabi, UAE.

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